Climate Protection that Makes an Impact

CO2 emissions reporting is the foundation for active climate protection. Therefore, from 2020 onwards, we have had our carbon footprint determined according to Scope 1 and 2* at our locations in Germany.

For 2022 we expect a significant reduction in our carbon footprint because, from this year onwards, we are supplying the German bilstein group sites (Ennepetal, Wuppertal, Gelsenkirchen and Durmersheim) with electricity exclusively from renewable sources. This is another important step on our way to making ourselves even more sustainable as a company.

‘Green Sites’ Programme

We launched the ‘Green Sites’ programme to integrate the international bilstein group locations. It pursues the goal of recording and reducing emissions in Scope 1 and Scope 2* at all main locations as well as downstream at all sales offices.

By the end of 2025, all worldwide bilstein group logistics and production sites are to be integrated into the energy management system. From 2030, this will apply to all bilstein group sites and companies.

*Scope 1: includes the direct release of climate-damaging gases within the company and its production processes.
Scope 2: includes the indirect release of climate-damaging gases by energy suppliers.

Small Steps to Becoming More Sustainable

Less Packaging - More Environmental Protection

When it comes to packaging, the bilstein group is also taking important steps towards more sustainability. For example, since 2022, the logistics at HQ in Ennepetal has refrained from packing small parts for repair kits in a neutral plastic bag. This saves about two tonnes of plastic per year. A significant reduction was also achieved in bubble wrap, which is used to protect goods.

In 2020, the general consumption of bubble wrap was analysed and put to the test. The result was clear: since then, we have been using around 24.5 tonnes less bubble wrap per year. Through the system partnership with PARTSLIFE, the environmental management service provider for the automotive industry, the bilstein group makes an active contribution to waste avoidance and disposal.

Recycled Plastic Wrap

In 2022 our logistics in Germany switched to bubble wrap that consists of up to 50 percent recycled plastic.

But isn't 100 percent also possible? For the air cushions to form, parts of the material are welded together. To be able to control these processes, a sheet consists of different layers. The different properties of these layers require a certain proportion of virgin material, as the melting temperatures are known and uniform for this type.

Small Ideas, Big Impact

In 2018 Ali Serttekin, who has been working in bilstein group logistics since 1994, had the idea to use A5 stickers larger packages instead of A4 stickers. A simple idea thanks to which a lot of paper can be saved. In addition, combi-packaging (packaging made of a combination of cardboard and plastic) was completely eliminated in the company.

Thanks to this simple but efficient measure, the materials can be separated more easily and recycled accordingly.

Let There Be LED!

A large part of our logistics in Germany is now equipped with energy-saving LED lights. In logistics in Ennepetal alone, well over two kilometres of lighting have been newly installed in recent years and connected to the existing intelligent building management system so that it can be controlled entirely according to need.

Thanks to this solution, 294 tonnes of CO2 can be saved per year.