Spare Parts for the Mobility of the Future

Alternative-drives are key to achieving global climate targets. In 2022 the EU decided that new registrations of combustion-engine cars will be banned from 2035. In the future, it will be all the more important that vehicles with hybrid, electric or other alternative-drive systems are supplied with the necessary spare parts for the longest possible service life.

We already have thousands of parts on offer for the hybrid, electric, hydrogen and alternate-powered vehicle sector, be it passenger cars or commercial vehicles. More than 2,000 new articles are being introduced annually for passenger cars alone, and we have a database of over 90,000 individual vehicle variants.

Additionally, the delivery of more than four million catalogue applications to the screens of distributors and installers around the world puts the bilstein group in a very strong position to provide the aftermarket with the widest range of repair and maintenance parts - today and tomorrow.

Keeping Cars Alive Longer

Essential to more sustainable consumption for the bilstein group comes from the extension of a vehicle's lifespan, too. However, we are well aware that the CO2 balance of mostly older vehicles with combustion engines must be compared to vehicles with more modern drive technology.

Positive Influence on the Sustainability Balance

As the pioneer in the IAM, we believe that our high-quality and durable products are extending the vehicle lifespan so significantly (with comparatively low use of resources), that we have a positive influence on the sustainability balance of the whole vehicle.

By adding more and more parts for alternative-drive vehicles to our range, we will be able to keep cars on the road for longer in the years to come, thus securing the future of sustainable mobility.